It has been something of a journey. We are here and the liberty movement is gaining ground all around us. NJ Human Action needs you to keep on sharing the message, engage in voluntarism wherever possible, and donate time or money to maintain and continue the growth we are seeing.

Since before the pandemic, NJ Mises Caucus (aka Ron Paul’s Army) has been growing its ranks by recruiting members who show up and participate in NJLP. In late 2021, we formed NJ Human Action so that the additional opportunities could be harnessed using a Political Action Committee. Our first event was a holiday party live stream with Lootz of Pirate Chain and some roundtable discussion between long time liberty activists and the audience present. Good times!

While the party raged, a couple other concepts began to take form. Leveraging the PAC to register marketing tools like email, SMS and a website became a must have. Thank you for the time and effort David Willard! Unsung hero!

These tools also made it possible to host weekly Meet and Greet to onboard prospects into the caucus. This resulted in a steady stream of newly engaged party members who arrived in large part because the Mises Caucus message.

Conveniently, while MiCaucs taught themselves the basics of digital marketing, there was the contentious Petitioned General Meeting of 30 January. This event provided a proving ground to test strategies and see how hybrid participation might work when the membership is deeply divided. It also revealed precisely where leadership was absent. Around this same time, Dan O’Neill and Lynn Genrich became engaged and started outlining the Medical Freedom event. The development plans for the website and social media started to come together. Check it out. Set it up in your bookmarks. Click “Like this Page”.

Fast forward to the clean sweep of the board at State Convention on 12 March. Moderately successful “postponing” of certain bylaws items to a brief General Meeting 30 April. Highlight from this GM is the passage of a bylaws change that makes it officially supported for e-mail to constitute “written notification” to members.

After the GM adjourned, volunteers raced down the street to setup the Elk’s outdoor pavilion for the Medical Freedom event. NJ-MFF was a blast and it collected donations sufficient to cover the event costs and for the PAC to donate $500 to Murphy’s Favorite Gym, LLC. Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter graciously declined to receive an equivalent donation; offering that NJ Human Action should keep and put towards future endeavors.

Which more or less brings us to today. Intentionally skipped LP National Convention because an email campaign went out early June. If you did not know, about a week ago, Lynn Genrich and the crew of Mercer County LP put on an educational presentation event at CannaSense in Hightstown called “Taxation is Voluntary”. Guess what? It was recorded by the same professional that captured NJ-MFF!

What does all this mean? NJ Human Action needs your help.

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Seeking peace in this life,

James Ripley
NJMC State Organizer, NJHA Senior Director